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For those fond of travelling off the beaten track, Togo will prove a rewarding destination. It offers a great diversity of landscapes, from the lakes and palm-fringed beaches along the Atlantic coastline to the rolling forested hills in the centre. As you head further north, the landscape leaves its mantle of lush forest green for the light green and yellowy tinges of savannah land. The cherry on top is Lomé, the... Read More

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$520 Small group tours

5-Day Guided Cultural and Voodoo Tour of Togo from Lome

The 5 days guided cultural trip is full of living cultural practices of fetishism that the Togolese are known to demonstrate in their life styles. You will witness activities centred on the famous voodoo practices, traditional songs and dances, the sightseeing of the markets and visit to the beach will help you know and understand the exciting history of this population better. People who in spite of the occidental culture influence were able to preserve their culture and custom.

$1800 Small group tours

13-Days Guided Cultural Discovery and Adventure Tour of Togo and Benin from Lome

A great selection of different activities in Kara , Koutammako ,Pendjari , Kpalime and lome. You will visit, trek and stay in remote villages, visit caves and ,museums , swim in waterfalls, experience tradtional living culture.Mid way your trip you discover Koutammako the land of the Batammariba a stunning UNESCO world heritage cultural landscape and architecture.Travelling south ,you trek in the primary forest at Kpalime area and learn about the use of plants,herbs and trees collected from the jungle.

$507.90 Small group tours

3 Day Tour to Koutammakou - The Land of the Batammariba from Lome

The Koutammakou, the Land of the Batammariba (=Tamberma) that live in fortified dwellings. Similar in form to medieval castles, they are one of the most beautiful examples of ancient African architecture. Their style impressed Le Corbusier, who talked about sculptural architecture. In fact the houses are built with hands, layer by layer, putting round balls of mud and shaping them following the design of the house.

$396.55 Small group tours

3-Day Private Tropical Forest Hike in Togo and Ghana from Lome

Kpalime and Volta regions are offering wonderful sites for hikes in tropical forest.

$746.52 Small group tours

5-Day Castle, Fire and Forest Private Tour from Lome

Entering the land of the Tamberma who live in fortified dwellings which look just like small medieval castles and are therefore one of the most beautiful examples of ancient African architecture.

$948.77 Small group tours

6-Day Private Tour: All of Togo

Hike in a virgin rain forest.