The Westkapelse Zeedijk forms part of the dutch coastal flood defense system. This modern dike, with a layer of basalt stones covered with sand and grass, protects he whole island of Walcheren against coastal floods. Modern flood protection measures allow for recreational and economic activities and development of a natural environment. Picture is taken on a stormy day in summer when a thunderstorm is approaching.

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South Holland & Zeeland

It's the contrasts that make South Holland and Zeeland such compelling destinations. One day, you're in the ongoing architectural experiment that is Rotterdam, marvelling at its ever-growing portfolio of cutting-edge buildings. The next day you might be in Delft, where the historic town centre is so well-preserved that you'll feel as if you've been transported back to Holland's 17th-century Golden Age. And the contrasts aren't confined to building stock: Den Haag has a sophisticated urban charm, enchanting visitors with its art, fine dining and cultural scene; Zeeland has a dramatic back-of-beyond feel, with a sparsely populated and windswept landscape; and Gouda plays to every Dutch stereotype, with wheels of its famous yellow cheese and traditionally garbed locals ever-present. The bottom line for travellers is that there's something for everyone here, whether it be windmills or wine bars, tulips or tasting menus.


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