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South Holland & Zeeland

It's the contrasts that make South Holland and Zeeland such compelling destinations. One day, you're in the ongoing architectural experiment that is Rotterdam, marvelling at its ever-growing portfolio of cutting-edge buildings. The next day you might be in Delft, where the historic town centre is so well-preserved that you'll feel as if you've been transported back to Holland's 17th-century Golden Age. And the contrasts aren't confined to building stock: Den Haag has a sophisticated urban charm, enchanting visitors with its art, fine dining and cultural scene; Zeeland has a dramatic back-of-beyond feel, with a sparsely populated and windswept landscape; and Gouda plays to every Dutch stereotype, with wheels of its famous yellow cheese and traditionally garbed locals ever-present. The bottom line for travellers is that there's something for everyone here, whether it be windmills or wine bars, tulips or tasting menus.

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