Must-see attractions in Guyana

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    Kaieteur Falls

    You may have been to Salto Ángel or Iguazú Falls, seen Niagara or not even be particularly interested in waterfalls, but it doesn't matter: go to Kaieteur…

  • St George's Cathedral

    The most impressive building in town is the white-painted, Gothic-style St George's Cathedral, said to be the world's tallest wooden building. It was…

  • C
    Canopy Walkway

    Iwokrama's Canopy Walkway, 60km east of the river crossing and the Iwokrama River Lodge, is a series of walkways 30m above the forest floor, connecting…

  • M
    Marshall Falls

    These lovely fast-flowing cascades, deep in the jungle, are wonderfully interactive; you can clamber under them, swim in various pools, take massage…

  • O
    Orinduik Falls

    Often added as a second stop on a day trip to Kaieteur Falls, Orinduik is a collection of far smaller waterfalls cascading over several levels where you…

  • S
    Shell Beach

    This is one of the least developed areas of the entire South American coastline; the only human additions are in the form of temporary fishing huts and…

  • B
    Botanical Gardens

    Georgetown's Botanical Garden is a pleasant open space with a huge range of tropical plants, trees and flowers in it, including the Victoria Regia Lily,…

  • P
    Promenade Garden

    During daylight hours, the Promenade Garden in Cummingsburg is a quiet place to relax, read and enjoy the flowers and tropical birdlife. Its tranquility…

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    Botanical Gardens Zoo

    Georgetown's zoo, inside the Botanical Gardens, desperately needs some investment, but it has a decent collection of creatures nonetheless. You'll see…

  • C
    City Hall

    The distinctive neo-Gothic City Hall, inaugurated in 1889, has a 23m tower where colonial-period wives apparently watched for their husbands' ships to…

  • S
    Stabroek Market

    One of the city's most prominent landmarks is Stabroek Market, a cast-iron building with a giant corrugated-iron clock tower. This frenetic and colorful…

  • D
    Demerara Distillers

    This is where Guyana's most famous export, its exceptional Eldorado Rum, was originally made in 1670. It is no longer made here, but the site is now open…

  • C
    Castellani House

    This gorgeous wooden building, erected in 1877, is home to the National Art Gallery and rotating art exhibits, many by local artists. To get here from the…

  • N
    National Library

    This fine timber building was paid for by philanthropist Andrew Carnegie in 1909. As well as being the national library of Guyana, it is a normal…

  • N
    National Museum

    An old-fashioned institution documenting the nation's cultural, social and political history via some odd artifacts and very old stuffed critters.

  • R
    Roman Catholic Cathedral

    Built in the 1920s in a Romanesque architectural style, this is the premier Catholic church in Guyana.