Castellani House


This gorgeous wooden building, erected in 1877, is home to the National Art Gallery and rotating art exhibits, many by local artists. To get here from the Botanical Gardens, it's possible to take a shortcut through the military barracks to avoid having to walk along the main road – just ask the guard to let you through.

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1. Botanical Gardens Zoo

0.26 MILES

Georgetown's zoo, inside the Botanical Gardens, desperately needs some investment, but it has a decent collection of creatures nonetheless. You'll see…

2. Botanical Gardens

0.29 MILES

Georgetown's Botanical Garden is a pleasant open space with a huge range of tropical plants, trees and flowers in it, including the Victoria Regia Lily,…

3. Roman Catholic Cathedral

0.81 MILES

Built in the 1920s in a Romanesque architectural style, this is the premier Catholic church in Guyana.

4. St George's Cathedral

1.03 MILES

The most impressive building in town is the white-painted, Gothic-style St George's Cathedral, said to be the world's tallest wooden building. It was…

5. City Hall

1.08 MILES

The distinctive neo-Gothic City Hall, inaugurated in 1889, has a 23m tower where colonial-period wives apparently watched for their husbands' ships to…

6. Promenade Garden

1.08 MILES

During daylight hours, the Promenade Garden in Cummingsburg is a quiet place to relax, read and enjoy the flowers and tropical birdlife. Its tranquility…

7. National Library

1.13 MILES

This fine timber building was paid for by philanthropist Andrew Carnegie in 1909. As well as being the national library of Guyana, it is a normal…

8. National Museum

1.18 MILES

An old-fashioned institution documenting the nation's cultural, social and political history via some odd artifacts and very old stuffed critters.