Sark Lighthouse

The Channel Islands

Perching on the craggy northeast side of the island, this lighthouse guides boats into the tiny harbour. The lighthouse is not open to the public but there are excellent views from the cliff over nearby islets.

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1. Sark Occupation & Heritage Museum

0.45 MILES

Housed inside a centuries-old cottage, this excellent little museum sheds light on the harrowing experience of the islanders under Nazi occupation, as…

2. Sark Henge

0.68 MILES

It may not have the aura of mystery that shrouds millennia-old stone circles elsewhere, since it was only erected in 2015, but Sark Henge stands in a…

3. Seigneurie Gardens

0.77 MILES

Flanking the Seigneurie, the home of the present-day seigneur, the walled gardens are filled with exotic plants that thrive in Sark's mild climate. The…

4. Sark Windmill

0.86 MILES

Marking Sark's highest point (114m), this cylindrical stone windmill dates back to 1571. It's missing its sails but is remarkably intact, having survived…

5. Dixcart Bay

1.02 MILES

Fringed by tall cliffs, this sand-and-pebble beach with calm waters is ideal for swimming and sunbathing.

6. Window in the Rock

1.05 MILES

Branching off the main road just north of the Seigneurie Gardens, a 15-minute walk leads you to particularly scenic spot on the west coast: a square hole…

7. Gouliot Headland

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Overlooking Brecqhou Island, owned by the Barclay brothers and the source of much controversy, this windswept headland is an important RAMSAR site,…

8. La Coupée

1.46 MILES

This narrow land bridge between Big Sark and Little Sark used to be rather precarious, and on windy days the local residents had to crawl across it or…