Manor Village

The Channel Islands

Right in the centre of the island is a clutch of granite houses where the villagers live. Here you'll find a 19th-century keep, built by an eccentric German aristocrat, as well as the primary school, power station and the tiny St Tugual chapel. Out front is a memorial to Peter and Jenny Wood, whose family leased the island from WWII to 2008 and restored it to what it remains today.

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1. Fisherman's Beach

0.17 MILES

At low tide, along this long stretch of sand closest to the harbour, you can see the crates in which Herm's famous oysters are grown.

2. Belvoir Bay

0.23 MILES

A serious contender for the island's best beach, crescent-shaped Belvoir has calm, clear waters and a great view of Sark island. It's a 20-minute walk…

3. Shell Beach

0.52 MILES

Herm's star beach wouldn't look out of place in the Caribbean, if it weren't for the severe-looking bare rocks offshore. Teal waters lap at this wide…

4. Déhus Dolmen

3.13 MILES

When this large, complex Neolithic grave, built around 5000 years ago, was excavated, human remains, ceramics and a copper dagger were found here. You'll…

5. Castle Cornet

3.73 MILES

Standing sentinel over Saint Peter Port for over 800 years, this wonderfully intact castle has been a major player in every historical event to affect the…

7. Aquarium

4.08 MILES

Housed inside what was originally a Victorian tram tunnel and then German fortifications during WWII, this little aquarium is an excellent introduction to…

8. Guernsey Tapestry Gallery

4.19 MILES

As part of Guernsey's Millennium celebrations, 215 of its residents stitched 10 tapestry panels that showcase 1000 years of the island's history. Look out…