Sukhothai Historical Park Central Zone


This is the historical park’s main zone and home to what are arguably some of the park’s most impressive ruins. On Saturday night much of the central zone is illuminated and remains open until 9pm.

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Nearby Sukhothai attractions

1. Wat Trapang Thong

0.17 MILES

Next to the Ramkhamhaeng National Museum, this small, still-inhabited wát with fine stucco reliefs is reached by a footbridge across the large lotus…

2. Ramkhamhaeng National Museum

0.27 MILES

Near the entrance to the central zone, this museum is a decent starting point for exploring the historical-park ruins. A replica of the famous…

3. Sukhothai Historical Park


The Sukhothai Historical Park ruins are one of Thailand’s most impressive World Heritage sites. The park includes the remains of 21 historical sites and…

5. Wat Mai

0.36 MILES

An Ayuthaya-style brick base surrounded by five small chedi is all that remains of this former Buddhist temple compound.

6. Wat Mahathat

0.47 MILES

Completed in the 13th century, the largest wát in Sukhothai is surrounded by brick walls (206m long and 200m wide) and a moat that is believed to…

8. Wat Chang Lom

0.56 MILES

Wat Chang Lom (Elephant Circled Monastery) is about 1km east of the main park entrance. A large bell-shaped chedi is supported by 36 elephants sculpted…