Wat Saphan Hin of Sukhothai Historical Park in Thailand.

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Sukhothai Historical Park Western Zone


The western zone of Sukhothai Historical Park, at its furthest extent 2km west of the old city walls, is the most expansive. In addition to Wat Saphan Hin, several mostly featureless ruins can be found. A bicycle or motorcycle is necessary to explore this zone.

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Nearby Sukhothai attractions

1. Wat Saphan Hin

0.19 MILES

This wát is located on the crest of a hill that rises about 200m above the plain. Its name means ‘stone bridge’ – a reference to the slate path and…

2. Wat Paa Mamuang

0.91 MILES

This temple compound consists of a base with unusually high pillars, thought to be influenced by Mon architectural styles.

3. Wat Si Chum

1.24 MILES

This wát contains an impressive mon·dòp (small, square, spired building) with a 15m brick-and-stucco seated Buddha. This Buddha’s elegant, tapered fingers…

4. Wat Phra Phai Luang

1.71 MILES

This somewhat isolated wát features three 12th-century Khmer-style towers, bigger than those at Wat Si Sawai in the central zone. This may have been the…

5. Wat Sa Si

1.85 MILES

Wat Sa Si sits on an island west of the bronze monument of King Ramkhamhaeng (the third Sukhothai king). It’s a simple, classic Sukhothai-style wát…

6. Wat Trapang Ngoen

1.89 MILES

This temple compound consists of a classic Sukhothai-style bell-shaped chedi, a stucco-covered Buddha statue and a particularly graceful image of a…