An ancient pagoda in Si Satchanalai Historical Park.

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Si Satchanalai-Chaliang Historical Park

Sukhothai Province

The ruins of the old cities of Si Satchanalai and Chaliang date from the 13th to 15th centuries. Located 50km north of Sukhothai and set among hills, they're in the same basic style as those in the Sukhothai Historical Park, but the setting is more rural and arguably more peaceful. Surrounded by a 12m-wide moat, the park is roughly 720 hectares. Chaliang is an older city site (from the 11th century) located 1km southeast, with two temples dating to the 14th century.

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1. Wat Chedi Jet Thaew

0.07 MILES

Next to Wat Chang Lom, these ruins contain seven rows of chedi, the largest of which is a copy of one at Wat Mahathat in Sukhothai. An interesting brick…

2. Wat Chang Lom

0.15 MILES

This fine temple, marking the centre of the old city of Si Satchanalai, has elephants surrounding a bell-shaped chedi (stupa) that is somewhat better…

3. Wat Nang Phaya


South of Wat Chedi Jet Thaew, this chedi is Sinhalese in style and was built in the 15th or 16th century, a bit later than the other monuments at Si…

4. Wat Khao Phanom Phloeng

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On the hill overlooking Wat Chang Lom are the remains of Wat Khao Phanom Phloeng, including a chedi, a large seated Buddha and stone columns that once…

6. Wat Kuti Rai

0.43 MILES

Buddhist ruins in Si Satchanalai-Chaliang Historical Park.

8. Wat Noi Jampi

1.07 MILES

Buddhist ruins in Si Satchanalai-Chaliang Historical Park.