Hat Rin

Ko Pha-Ngan

Also known as Sunrise Beach, aka Full Moon Party Beach, this is actually one of Ko Pha-Ngan's cleanest and most pleasant beaches, because much of the money from the monthly partying admission charge goes towards the (necessary) cleaning of the sands. Its reputation as party central keeps many people away, so it can be surprisingly crowd-free at times.

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Nearby Ko Pha-Ngan attractions

1. Hat Sareekantang

0.56 MILES

This lovely beach south of Hat Rin, on the southeastern tip of the island, basks in gorgeous sunsets. At the southern end of the beach, you can follow the…

2. Lighthouse

0.68 MILES

This white skeletal, metal-framed, active lighthouse, sits on a green promontory towards the southeast tip of the Hat Rin peninsula. It can only be…

3. Hat Yuan

1.06 MILES

With several bungalow operations, Hat Yuan, near the southeastern tip of the island, is a remote and pretty choice. The trek from Hat Rin takes around two…

4. Hat Thian

1.39 MILES

Hat Thian is a pretty, relatively empty, back-to-nature beach in the southeast of the island, accessible either by boat or on foot trekking from Hat Rin…

5. Hat Wai Nam

1.62 MILES

A small white-sand beach slung out between Hat Thian and Hat Yao (East) on the more remote east coast. Tiny Hat Wai Nam can be reached on foot from Hat…

6. Hat Yao (East)

2.63 MILES

This lovely white-sand beach can only be reached on foot or by boat, lending it a gorgeous sense of seclusion. Most visitors arrive by boat, as the walk…

7. Bulao Malayu Mosque

2.71 MILES

This quaint, dark, wooden mosque on stilts, resembling a Chinese house, is reportedly over 100 years old and was originally built using the waqf (trust…

8. Yang Na Yai Tree


Thrusting 54m into the heavens near Wat Pho, Ko Pha-Ngan's tallest Yang Na Yai (dipterocarpus alatus; ยางนา), said to be over 400 years old, is an…