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Ko Adang & Ko Rawi

Ko Adang, the 30-sq-km island immediately north of Ko Lipe, is a former pirate haunt and has brooding, densely forested hills, white-sand beaches and healthy coral reefs. There's a chow lair (sea gypsies, also spelt chao leh) village on the east coast, as well as an illegally built resort that has yet to open. It's possible to stay in national park accommodation, and to camp.

Ko Rawi, a rocky, 29-sq-km jungle-covered ellipse 1km west of Ko Adang, is almost completely uninhabited. There are fantastic beaches on both the north and south of the island and large coral reefs offshore, which make for excellent snorkelling.

Both islands are popular stops on day snorkelling tours from Ko Lipe.

Top attractions

These are our favorite local haunts, touristy spots, and hidden gems throughout Ko Adang & Ko Rawi.