Siriraj Medical Museum

Ko Ratanakosin & Thonburi

Collectively dedicated to anatomy, pathology and forensic sciences, this museum has a somewhat atypical (bordering on macabre) array of exhibits ranging from mummified cadavers, two-headed foetuses and cancer-riddled human organs to various appendages, murder weapons and grisly crime-scene evidence. Although the intent is ostensibly to educate rather than nauseate, exhibits such as the preserved body of Si Ouey, a serial killer who murdered – and then ate – several children in the 1950s before being executed, often do the latter.

Your ticket includes entrance to the Museum of Anatomy, in the adjacent Department of Anatomy building, where you can see some hair-raising but educative exhibits such as a complete human nervous system and arterial system carefully dissected out of corpses, transverse sections of human anatomy, as well as the skeleton of Malee, a Thai woman who was recognised as the world's tallest woman in 2009 and died in 2016.

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