Ao Pante Malacca

Ko Tarutao Marine National Park

Ao Pante Malacca, on the northwest of Ko Tarutao, is the island's main arrival and departure point, with a pleasant beach shaded by pandanus and casuarinas. It's also home to the park headquarters and most park accommodation.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Ko Tarutao Marine National Park attractions

1. Toe-Boo Cliff

0.78 MILES

Behind park headquarters at Ao Pante Malacca, on the northwest side of the island, a steep 500m (20-minute) trail winds through the jungle below a…

2. Tham Jara-Khe

1.44 MILES

The large stream flowing inland from Ao Pante Malacca, on northwest Ko Tarutao, leads to Tham Jara-Khe, once home to deadly saltwater crocodiles. The cave…

3. Ao Molae

2.87 MILES

Quiet, wonderfully secluded and with white sands, Ao Molae is the pick of Ko Tarutao's beaches. Behind it is a ranger station, bungalows and a campsite,…

4. Nam Tok Lu Du

5.47 MILES

A signposted track 300m inland from Ao Son beach leads to Nam Tok waterfall (3km, 1½ hours each way).

5. Ao Son

5.67 MILES

This isolated bay is on the west coast, a 30-minute boat ride (1500B) or 8km walk or cycle south of Ao Pante Malacca. A signposted track 300m inland from…

6. Ao Taloh Waw

6.06 MILES

The prison camp for civilian prisoners was on Ko Tarutao's isolated east coast, 12km southeast of Ao Pante Malacca. A historical trail leads through Ao…

7. Nam Tok Lo Po

6.07 MILES

You can walk inland to Nam Tok waterfall (5km, about 2½ hours each way) by taking a trail that starts 500m south down Ao Son's beach.

8. Ao Taloh Udang

11.59 MILES

The overgrown ruins of Tarutao's political prisoners camp can be seen at Ao Taloh Udang, 24km southeast of the park headquarters. Return long-tail…