Kota Mahsuri

Pulau Langkawi

The story of Mahsuri, a Malay princess who was unjustly accused of adultery and put a curse on Langkawi in revenge, is commemorated at this historical complex that includes Mahsuri’s shrine as well as a recreation of a traditional house, a theatre, a ‘diorama museum’ and food outlets. The site is west of Kuah, a few kilometres off the road to the airport.

As the legend goes, Mahsuri’s punishment was to be executed by stabbing. With her dying breath she cursed Langkawi with seven generations of bad luck. This took place in 1819 and not long after, the Siamese invaded the island. However, some 160 years later, Langkawi started to take off as a tourism destination when it was declared a free port in 1987.

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1. Gunung Raya

3.01 MILES

The tallest mountain on Pulau Langkawi (881m) can be reached by a snaking, paved road through the jungle. It’s a spectacular drive to the top with views…

2. Durian Perangin

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The swimming pools here are a 10-minute walk up paved steps through the forest, with pagoda-like shaded seating areas along the way. The water is always…

3. Masjid Al-Hana


Pulau Langkawi's largest place of worship sits near the water in Kuah.

4. Lagenda Langkawi Dalam Taman

5.17 MILES

A landscaped ‘folklore theme park’ that stretches along the waterfront. Brightly coloured statues around the lakes illustrate several Langkawi legends,…

5. Laman Padi

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This complex comprises rice paddies populated by water buffalo and ducks. Call in advance to arrange a tour to learn about, and even have a hand in,…

6. Pantai Cenang

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The busiest and most developed beach is the 2km-long strip of sand at Pantai Cenang. The beach is gorgeous: white sand, teal water and green palms. There…

7. Underwater World

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With an imposing facade that makes it something of a landmark on the main Cenang strip, this aquarium features 500 species of marine and freshwater…

8. Pantai Tengah

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Head south and Langkawi gets a little more polished; the road loops around a rocky headland, taking you to upscale Pantai Tengah. It’s a slightly smaller,…