Pantai Cenang

Pulau Langkawi

The busiest and most developed beach is the 2km-long strip of sand at Pantai Cenang. The beach is gorgeous: white sand, teal water and green palms. There are water sports on hand and the water is good for swimming, but beware of jellyfish and speeding jet skis ripping past.

There are some very fine top-end resorts at Cenang, as well as the bulk of Langkawi’s budget and midrange accommodation. Come night time, an odd mix of expats, domestic tourists, backpackers and package holidaymakers take to the main road to eat, drink, window shop and generally make merry.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Pulau Langkawi attractions

1. Underwater World

0.28 MILES

With an imposing facade that makes it something of a landmark on the main Cenang strip, this aquarium features 500 species of marine and freshwater…

2. Laman Padi

0.56 MILES

This complex comprises rice paddies populated by water buffalo and ducks. Call in advance to arrange a tour to learn about, and even have a hand in,…

3. Pantai Tengah

0.67 MILES

Head south and Langkawi gets a little more polished; the road loops around a rocky headland, taking you to upscale Pantai Tengah. It’s a slightly smaller,…

4. Kota Mahsuri

5.31 MILES

The story of Mahsuri, a Malay princess who was unjustly accused of adultery and put a curse on Langkawi in revenge, is commemorated at this historical…

5. Pantai Kok

5.99 MILES

Located in the western part of Pulau Langkawi, 12km north of Pantai Cenang, Pantai Kok fronts a beautiful bay surrounded by limestone mountains and jungle…

6. Telaga Harbour Park

6.11 MILES

Telaga Harbour Park is a yachting marina and shopping complex surrounded by nature.

7. Oriental Village

6.62 MILES

There are a handful of fast-food restaurants and souvenir shops at this open-air mall, where the main attraction is the SkyCab cable car at Panorama…

8. Panorama Langkawi

6.67 MILES

The highlight of this family-friendly amusement park is SkyCab, a cable car that whisks visitors to the top of Gunung Machinchang (713m). For an extra RM6…