Pantai Kok

Pulau Langkawi

Located in the western part of Pulau Langkawi, 12km north of Pantai Cenang, Pantai Kok fronts a beautiful bay surrounded by limestone mountains and jungle. The beach here is popular with locals who picnic under the trees. There are a handful of equidistant upscale resorts around here, many with their own small strips of beach.

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Nearby Pulau Langkawi attractions

1. Telaga Harbour Park

0.24 MILES

Telaga Harbour Park is a yachting marina and shopping complex surrounded by nature.

2. Oriental Village

0.75 MILES

There are a handful of fast-food restaurants and souvenir shops at this open-air mall, where the main attraction is the SkyCab cable car at Panorama…

3. Panorama Langkawi

0.76 MILES

The highlight of this family-friendly amusement park is SkyCab, a cable car that whisks visitors to the top of Gunung Machinchang (713m). For an extra RM6…

4. Telaga Tujuh

1.01 MILES

The series of freshwater rock pools at Telaga Tujuh, located at the top of a waterfall inland from Pantai Kok, makes a refreshing alternative to splashing…

5. Teluk Datai

4.27 MILES

On the far northwestern corner of Pulau Langkawi, the beaches at Teluk Datai are arguably some of the island’s most beautiful and secluded, but are really…

6. Temurun Waterfall

4.91 MILES

A brief walk from the main road up to Teluk Datai, the falls here – the island’s tallest – are worth a look, though beware of food-stealing monkeys. The…

7. Pantai Pasir Tengkorak

5.43 MILES

This beautiful, secluded public beach, with its soft white sand, clear water, shady trees and jungle backdrop, is popular with locals on weekends; during…

8. Laman Padi

5.43 MILES

This complex comprises rice paddies populated by water buffalo and ducks. Call in advance to arrange a tour to learn about, and even have a hand in,…