Dating back to 1661, this gawdy, grand, multistorey temple (one of Taipei's oldest) is built right into the side of a mountain. In fact, a 100m-plus tunnel runs through the mountain itself. Take either flight of steps at the rear of the temple for a panoramic view of the Tamsui riverscape.

Guandu Temple is a riot of decorative arts, especially rooftop jiǎnniàn (mosaic-like temple decoration), and there are Qing-era stone columns in the worship hall. On the riverside sits a food court serving all manner of Taiwanese delicacies. For many visitors, Guandu is a perfect example of the mixed role that most Taiwanese temples play: house of worship, art house, carnival venue and street food market.

There's a YouBike station at the rear entrance of the temple (where the tunnel starts).