Thousand Fields Seed Museum

Top choice in Tainan

This horticultural Eden is a home with a fantastical garden overrun with plants, and seeds, seeds, seeds – some 500 species, most endemic to southern Taiwan, stuffed in jars, strewn all over shelves and tables, and hanging from wooden beams. You'll see the electric blue of traveller's palm seeds, and get to dab annatto seeds on your cheeks for rouge as women in the past had done. Visit is strictly by appointment only.

Call a couple of days in advance. The admission fee includes a half-tour tour in Mandarin by the owner Mr Liang. For tours led by Mr Liang's English-speaking son, make contact at least 10 days in advance; it's NT$6000 for a group of five.

The beautiful gift shop on the premises carries jewellery made with seeds, soaps, hydrosols (flower waters) and teas.

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