Museum 50

Top choice in Kaohsiung

A true hidden gem, this private museum has a small but exceptional collection of sculpture and antiques by mid-19th- to 20th-century Japanese artists who were inspired by Taiwan or who had taught early Taiwanese masters. There's mind-blowing jizai okimono (articulated animal figures), such as iron snakes that move like real ones and a metallic pheasant comprising 700 parts; netsuke (small carved ornaments) of outstanding artistry; and beautiful paintings and vases. Most are unique or one of under a handful ever made.

To visit make contact via Facebook messaging or by calling English-speaking owner Mr Guo, a month in advance. There needs to be at least eight of you to visit, but he can also let you join other visitors. Mr Guo is an excellent guide. The museum is located in a commercial building called 50樓 (50 Building).

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