Love River


Love River was once an open sewer and it has seen a remarkable transformation in recent years. The waters flow clean and the bankside promenades with their benches, shady trees and outdoor cafes are popular hang-outs for both locals and visitors.

You can cruise along the river on boat rides (25-minute rides are NT$150, and run from 3pm to 10pm on weekdays, and 9am to 10pm on Saturday and Sunday). There are two piers: Ren'ai Pier and Guobin Pier.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Kaohsiung attractions

1. Kaohsiung Film Archive

0.35 MILES

Just back from the Love River is the film archive, with daily screenings of works by acclaimed Taiwanese directors like Hou Hsiao-hsien and Edward Yang,…

2. Pier-2 Art Center

0.44 MILES

An attractive sprawl of old warehouses by the port is separated by tree-lined boulevards, and hosts shops, galleries and cafes. It's a wonderful place to…

3. Kaohsiung Harbour


Down by Pier 12 (the Love Pier), Gushan Ferry Terminal and Fisherman's Wharf you'll find walkways, bike paths, cafes and beer gardens. Check at the train…

4. Kaohsiung Museum of History

0.65 MILES

This lovely museum is housed in what was the city-government building during Japanese times. The building of the museum was one of the important…

5. 'Big Gutter Cover' Old Street

0.66 MILES

Dàgōudǐng (literally 'Big Gutter Cover') Old Street is a shopping arcade from the 1950s. It's located between Wufu 4th Rd (五福四路) in the south and Dagong…

6. Ginza Shopping Arcade

0.68 MILES

Known locally as 'Ginza' (銀座), this crumbling arcade was Kaohsiung's first shopping mall when it opened in 1937, although the current structure harks back…

7. Tuntex Sky Tower

0.78 MILES

Not the place you want to be during an earthquake, this was the tallest building in Taiwan before Taipei 101. Its appearance was inspired by the Chinese…

8. Warehouse 2


Warehouse 2 is a pleasant glass-walled space with shops and restaurants at Pier-2 Art Center. It was built as an old sugar warehouse during the Japanese…