Room A


You pay by the hour at this unusual library-cafe stocked with magazines, comics and visual arts books. It's a great place to chill – there's free coffee, tea and cold drinks, and pastries for sale; you can also buy food (but not drinks) from outside for consumption on the premises. The sunny corner flat feels like someone's home, with windows all around and a terrace full of potted plants. Take the stairs next to the sushi restaurant.

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Nearby Tainan attractions

1. Wind God Temple

0.46 MILES

Nature-worship temples are hard to come by, which makes this one dedicated to the God of Wind unique. The small structure was originally part of an…

2. Water Fairy Temple

0.51 MILES

Hidden inside a market named after itself, Shuixian Temple (literally 'Water Fairy Temple') is a far cry from the days when it was not only a place of…

3. Shennong Street

0.51 MILES

Cafes, art galleries, fashion boutiques and B&Bs have flowered in the hub of Tainan's former Five Canals area, taking full advantage of the long, narrow,…

4. King of Medicine Temple

0.52 MILES

A foreboding temple dedicated to the King of Medicine (sometimes erroneously translated as 'Drug Lord'), the first of its kind in Taiwan. It faces the…

5. Chuan Mei Theatre

0.57 MILES

This old second-run theatre (1950) is worth a look for the movie posters created by Master Yan Jhen-fa, the last such painter in Taiwan. You can see…

6. Hayashi Department Store

0.58 MILES

This art deco department store from the 1930s has been so beautifully restored that it's worth going in just to ascend the sweeping staircase, peer…

7. Land Bank


The neoclassical-style Land Bank dates from 1928. Japanese architects were heavily influenced by western ideas at the time and neoclassical revival was a…

8. Old Japanese Martial Arts Academy

0.62 MILES

This sleek and poised Japanese building next to the Confucius Temple was a butokuden, a place where the Japanese taught and promoted martial arts such as…