Anping Old Streets


To the right of the Anping Fort entrance (with your back to the fort), you’ll find some of the oldest streets in Taiwan. As you wander about, look for stone lion masks (劍獅, jiànshī) with swords across the mouth. They were once used to protect a house against evil, but today there are only a few dozen left.

Siaozhong St (效忠街; Xiàozhōngjiē) is an interesting street that leads to a number of back alleys with restored brick buildings. Yenping St (延平街; Yánpíngjiē) is the site of the first market in Taiwan. it now teems with shops and stalls offering traditional Tainan foods.

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1. Anping Fort

0.12 MILES

Behind the Mazu Temple, the fort was a stronghold of Dutch power until its 1661 capture by Koxinga after a nine-month battle. Most of it has been…

2. Anping Mazu Temple

0.17 MILES

This temple is one of many claiming status as the oldest in Taiwan. Its interior is more elaborately decorated than most in central Tainan, and features a…

4. Eternal Golden Castle

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This photogenic fort was built in 1876 to shore up Taiwan's defences against the Japanese threat. Not much remains of the original fortress; oddly, though…

5. Duiyue Gate

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This gate (1835) was part of Tainan's outer city walls in the Qing dynasty. You can see the coral stones in the base and the red bricks making up the low…

6. King of Medicine Temple

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A foreboding temple dedicated to the King of Medicine (sometimes erroneously translated as 'Drug Lord'), the first of its kind in Taiwan. It faces the…

7. Room A

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You pay by the hour at this unusual library-cafe stocked with magazines, comics and visual arts books. It's a great place to chill – there's free coffee,…

8. Wind God Temple

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Nature-worship temples are hard to come by, which makes this one dedicated to the God of Wind unique. The small structure was originally part of an…