Memorial Arch to Qiu Liang-Kung's Mother


Kinmen's only national-level heritage site, this 1812 carved arch across Juguang Rd was built from Fujian granite and bluestone by a Kinmen native who had risen to become governor of China's Zhejiang province.

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1. Mofan Street

0.05 MILES

This charming little street is lined with attractive shops behind brick-arched facades dating back to 1924.

2. Kuei Pavilion

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3. Kinmen Qing Dynasty Military HQ

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4. Houpo 16 Art Zone

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5. Kincheng Civil Defence Tunnels

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Claustrophobes beware: Kincheng has 2.6km of wartime tunnels and you can walk 1.2km of them, but they're not much wider or taller than a large man. What…

6. City God Temple

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8. Juguang Tower

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This three-storey tower, built in classical Chinese form, is an iconic local landmark that has often featured on Taiwanese stamps. Yet it only dates from…