Mt Taiwu


Peaking at 253m, Taiwu is less a mountain than an attractive hill ridge that forms Kinmen's east–west backbone. Knobbly patches of beige rock show through gaps in its mostly wooded flanks, which are traversed by footpaths linking viewpoints and assorted military remnants.

From the west, a road takes you up to a shrine and a 1952 soldiers' cemetery (gōng mù) from which the summit is another hour's stroll. Alternatively, from Caicuo Tourist Centre to the north is a longer, steeper hike that's been recently restored with signs and new steps. This Caicuo Ancient Path ( 蔡厝古道) is also known as the Tofu Trail, as walking food salesmen once used the route between Shanwai and Shamei.

Near the top of Mt Taiwu is a much photographed large boulder inscribed with one of Chiang Kai-shek's favourite one-liners, 'Wú Wàng Zài Jǔ' (勿忘在莒; Don't forget the days in Ju). Referencing a legend from the Warring States period in ancient China, this is a reminder not to forget the humiliation of losing the mainland, and an implied vow to 'recover' it.

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