Château de Grandson

Fribourg, Drei-Seen-Land and The Jura

This imposing fortress lies 5km along the lakefront from Yverdon. Its thick stone walls hide a smattering of small museums – the history museum evokes the fate of Charles the Bold who, in early 1476 in his battle against Swiss Confederate troops, found some of his routed Burgundian troops strung from apple trees in the castle orchard. Regular buses connect Yverdon with Grandson (Sfr3.50, 15 minutes).

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Fribourg, Drei-Seen-Land and The Jura attractions

2. Maison d’Ailleurs

2.15 MILES

In the Old Town, opposite Yverdon's 13th-century chateau, is this unique science-fiction museum, with a mock-up of a spaceship and a room dedicated to the…

4. Mosaïques Romaines d'Orbe-Boscéaz

6.93 MILES

In the town of Orbe, about 15km west of Yverdon-les-Bains you'll find this series of pavilions containing spectacular mosaics on the site of a 3rd-century…

5. Musée de l'automobile Le Manège

7.16 MILES

If you're traveling in a group (or have cash to burn) and you're a fan of fancy historic cars, you'll love this private collection of more than 20…

6. Maison de l'Absinthe

7.16 MILES

Learn all about absinthe (and sample the hard stuff in the bar afterwards) in this chic museum that annotates the history of the potent liqueur (with,…

7. Creux du Van

9.34 MILES

About 14km east of Môtiers, a short walk leads to the enormous abyss known as the Creux du Van (Rocky Hole) – van is a word of Celtic origin meaning 'rock…

8. Musée des Grenouilles

9.94 MILES

Estavayer-le-Lac's sweet 'frog museum' is a tribute to the town's obsession with our little green friends and is loved by adults and children alike for…