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At its heart, Helsingborg boasts a showcase of rejuvenated waterfront restaurants, lofty castle ruins and lively cobblestone streets, which in summer, thrive to the beat of a banging cultural drum: Helsingborg is a proud patron of theatre and the arts, and lovers of either discipline will find like-minded people here.

Perhaps this longing for creative expression stems from the fact that its strategic position on the Öresund, a mere 4km from Denmark, saw Helsingborg battled over with ferocious regularity during the many Swedish–Danish wars, until in 1710 Danish invaders were finally defeated just outside the city.

In this historical context it's easier to get a sense of the brazen statement the architects of Helsingborg's wealth of flouncy, turreted, buildings might have been making. A happy denouement is that today, almost 15 million passengers traverse the waterway shared by the city and its Danish counterpart Helsingør, with friendly, seasoned nonchalance.

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