Southern Gran Canaria

Although best known for Maspalomas and the resort landscape running west along the shore, the south also offers some highly picturesque pockets and breathtaking natural wonders. The most obvious example of the latter, ironically perhaps, is back in Maspalomas, with its astonishing dunes: a nature reserve of huge sand hillocks in a vast dune field that recalls the Sahara Desert. It's here that you can understand why the island is so often called a 'continent in miniature'. But there's also the delightful village of Mogán, by its namesake barranco, where you really should spend the night to allow its magic to fully seep in. Or, for glorious seafood and a fun port atmosphere, head on down to Puerto de Mogán. Windsurfers may pay little attention to all of these attractions, however, and storm over to Pozo Izquierdo to ride the fine waves.

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