Parque Cultural de El Julán

Cultural Centre in Hoya del Morcillo & Around

Housed in an attractive modern building from where there are stunning coastal views, the exhibits here centre on one of the island's most important cultural sights, Los Letreros, where a scattering of indecipherable petroglyphs was scratched into a lava flow by the Bimbaches. The actual site is an 11km round trip away on the seafront and can only be visited with a guide either by foot (10am daily) or by jeep (3pm daily). Reservations must be made in advance.

If you can't visit the actual site, the centre has excellent reproductions of the petroglyphs, plus other interesting displays about the Bimbaches, including photos of a necropolis discovered in the Cueva de la Lajura cave. There is a cafe and small gift shop.