Casa-Museo Tomás Morales

Gran Canaria

Once home to the namesake Canarian poet, who died in 1922 aged just 37, this museum includes a music room with a 170-year-old clavichord, a small hall used for classical concerts and a pretty walled garden with grapefruit trees and cacti. A combination €6 ticket is available that includes the Cueva Pintada Museum and Archaeological Park and the Casa Museo Antonio Padrón, both in Gáldar.

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1. Cenobio de Valerón

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This a fascinating ancient site consisting of over 350 caves, silos and cavities of varied size, which were used to store grain in pre-Hispanic times…

2. Museo La Cantera

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Based above a former quarry, this small, well-presented open-air and rather simple museum pays homage to the town's long-running stone masonry industry…

3. Destilerías Arehucas

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4. Jardín de la Marquesa


This lovely botanical garden, located northwest of town on the road to Bañaderos, is owned by the Marquesa de Arucas (along with the Hacienda del Buen…

6. Municipal Museum

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The municipal gardens house the town’s main museum, which has a permanent exhibition by Canarian painters and sculptors, including the masterful Guillermo…

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