Salinas de Janubio


Around 8km south of El Golfo, just inland from Playa de Janubio, Lanzarote's only working salt pans were set up in the late 19th century; up to 15,000 tonnes of sea salt is extracted each year.

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1. Playa de Janubio

0.53 MILES

A lengthy, surf-battered volcanic beach, 8km south of El Golfo, makes for an atmospheric stroll, but swimming here is dangerous due to strong currents. It…

2. Los Hervideros

1.33 MILES

Around 5km south of El Golfo along the LZ703, the sea glugs and froths spectacularly through this pair of caves. Arrive early to beat the tour buses.

3. Charco de los Clicos

2.69 MILES

This small emerald-green pond, just inland from the beach beyond the south end of El Golfo, was famously the backdrop for Raquel Welch and her fur bikini…

5. Playa Blanca

5.19 MILES

A small curve of pale soft sand (hence the name Playa Blanca), the small Blue Flag main beach at the heart of town is popular.

6. Playa Quemada

5.61 MILES

Refreshingly secluded and unspoilt, this rocky volcanic-black beach fringed by low white buildings and superb seafood restaurants lies 1.5km southwest of…

7. Playa Flamingo

5.63 MILES

This golden-white family-friendly beach, 1.5km southwest of central Playa Blanca, has plenty of sunbeds and facilities and lovely views across to…

8. Torre del Águila

5.68 MILES

This 18th-century tower, built to fend off pirate attacks, stands guard over the southern coastline 2.5km east of the centre (just beyond the Marina…