Platja des Trenc

Southern Mallorca

Platja des Trenc, the largest undeveloped beach on Mallorca, runs 2km northwest from the southern edge of Colònia de Sant Jordi. With long stretches of frost-white sand, azure water and a restful setting among pine trees and rolling dunes, des Trenc proves just how pretty the Mallorcan coast was before development got out of hand. Officially a nudist beach, des Trenc draws a mixed clothed and unclothed crowd, many of whom take advantage of the sun loungers for hire.

To reach the parking lot, take the signed turn-off west off Ma6040. The narrow, paved road passes mounds of yellowed salt at the Salines de Llevant salt fields then winds its way alongside fields sprinkled with wildflowers to reach the low-lying marsh area near the beach.

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