The Casa de Pilatos, Seville, Spain.

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Casa de Pilatos

El Centro & El Arenal

The haunting Casa de Pilatos, which is still occupied by the ducal Medinaceli family, is one of the city’s most glorious mansions. Originally dating to the late 15th century, it incorporates a wonderful mix of Mudéjar, Gothic and Renaissance decor, with some beautiful tilework and artesonados (ceilings of interlaced beams with decorative insertions). The overall effect is like a mini-Alcázar.

Note there is free admission for EU citizens (take ID) on Monday (3pm to 7pm).

The staircase to the upper floor has the building's finest tiles, and a great golden artesonado dome above. Visits to the upper floor, still partly inhabited by the Medinacelis, are guided. Of interest are several centuries’ worth of Medinaceli portraits and a small Goya bullfighting painting.

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