Puente Viejo


Taking the narrow Calle Marqués de Salvatierra will bring you to the small Puente Viejo, with views down to the river as it rushes into the gorge.

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1. Puente Árabe

0.03 MILES

One of three historic bridges spanning the gorge. This one is the oldest, dating from Moorish times.

2. Casa del Rey Moro

0.06 MILES

Several landscaped terraces give access to La Mina, an Islamic stairway of nearly two hundred steps cut into the rock all the way down to the river at the…

3. Baños Árabes

0.08 MILES

Backing onto Ronda’s river, these 13th-century Arab baths are among the best-preserved in all of Andalucía, with horseshoe arches, columns and clearly…

4. Museo Lara

0.11 MILES

This crazy, cluttered museum is the private collection of Juan Antonio Lara Jurado, who has been a collector since the age of 10. Now in his 80s, he still…

6. Puente Nuevo

0.16 MILES

Straddling the dramatic gorge of the Río Guadalevín (Deep River) is Ronda's most recognisable sight, the towering Puente Nuevo, so named not because it's…

7. Museo Joaquín Peinado

0.17 MILES

Native Ronda artist Joaquín Peinado was an amigo and contemporary of Picasso's, a fact reflected in his work, with its strong abstract lines, flirtations…

8. Museo del Bandolero

0.17 MILES

This small museum is dedicated to the banditry for which central Andalucía was once renowned. Old prints reflect that when the youthful bandoleros …