Jerez de la Frontera, Cathedral of San Salvador

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Catedral de San Salvador

Jerez de la Frontera

Echoes of Seville colour Jerez' dramatic cathedral, a surprisingly harmonious mix of baroque, neoclassical and Gothic styles. Standout features are its broad flying buttresses and intricately carved stone ceilings. Behind the main altar, a series of rooms and chapels shows off the cathedral's collection of silverware, religious garments and art, including Zurbarán Virgen niña meditando (Virgin Mary as a Child, Asleep). Across the square, the bell tower is 15th-century Gothic-Mudéjar on its lower half and 17th century at the top.

You can also enjoy an orange-tree-lined patio (the church was built by Alfonso X on the site of an old mosque). Though erected between 1695 and 1778, the building only officially became a cathedral in 1980.

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