Noryangjin Fish Market

Top choice in Seoul

Brian Hammonds / 500px

Providing terrific photo opportunities, Korea's largest fish market supplies every kind of aquatic life form to restaurants, fish shops and the general public. Originally established in 1927 and relocated here in 1971, the current multistorey, state-of-the-art complex opened its revamped doors in 2016 and now is home of the 700 stalls and numerous restaurants.

If you want to view the market at its liveliest, get here for the auctions, which kick off around 1am. Otherwise the best time to come is around mealtimes, when the apron-clad vendors will happily sell you produce directly – be it still-live crabs, prawns, and the dark-orange-and-red meongge (Korean sea squirt, very much an acquired taste) or prepared platters of hoe (raw fish slices). You can then take your seafood to several restaurants within the market who will either serve it up to you with a variety of side dishes (usually around ₩3000 person), or prepare and cook it (starting from an extra ₩5000 depending on what you have). A good one is Busan Ilbeonji.