Myeong-dong & Jung-gu

Along the Namsan Northern Circuit, a pedestrian path that snakes for 3km from the lower cable-car station to the National Theater, you’ll find the beautifully ornate and peaceful Waryongmyo. Built in 1862, this Buddhist/Taoist/shamanist shrine is dedicated to Zhuge Liang (AD 181–234), a Chinese statesman and general.

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Nearby Myeong-dong & Jung-gu attractions

1. Bongsudae

0.24 MILES

Near the summit of Namsan you can see the Bongsudae, a smoke-signal communications system used for 500 years to notify the central government of urgent…

2. N Seoul Tower & Namsan

0.26 MILES

The iconic N Seoul tower (236m), atop the city’s guardian mountain Namsan, offers panoramic views of this immense metropolis from its observation deck…

3. Seoul Animation Center

0.31 MILES

Up the hill on the way to the cable car you’ll find this museum and cinema devoted to cartoons and animation from Korea and beyond. It's part of a whole…

4. Namsan Park

0.39 MILES

Beloved by locals as a place for exercise, peaceful contemplation and hanging out with loved ones, Namsan was a sacred shamanistic spot when the Joseon…

5. Ahn Jung-geun Memorial Hall

0.41 MILES

In a striking contemporary building on the west flank of Namsan, this well-presented museum is dedicated to Korean independence fighter Ahn Jung-guen. Ahn…

6. Namsangol Hanok Village

0.51 MILES

Located in a park at the foot of Namsan, this peaceful village is a wonderful spot to encounter traditional Korean culture. It features five differing…

7. Namdaemun Market

0.54 MILES

You could spend all day in this swarming night-and-day market and not see it at all. The largest market in Korea, each section has hundreds of stalls,…

8. Myeong-dong Catholic Cathedral

0.57 MILES

Go inside this elegant, red- and grey-brick Gothic-style cathedral, consecrated in 1898, to admire the vaulted ceiling and stained-glass windows. The…