Founded in 560, this small temple, 7km from Ssanggye-sa, was burned during the Korean War and reconstructed to its original form in 1984.

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1. Ssanggye-sa

4.42 MILES

The visual imagery of this temple is a feast for the eyes and, like any exquisite dinner, should be savoured with deliberation. Stone walls supporting…

2. Buril Pokpo


It's an easy day-trip from Jinju to this small water fall in Jirisan. The hike to get there is an easy 3 hours round trip from Ssanggye-sa.

3. Hwaeom-sa

6.16 MILES

Founded by priest Yeongi in AD 544 after his return from India, this ancient temple dedicated to the Birojana Buddha is enveloped by the beautiful natural…

4. Naewon-sa

11.73 MILES

This temple is about 3km from Samjang-myeon, off route 59. Highlights include a three-tier Silla pagoda and a rare Cheonwang-bosalnim statue.

5. Daewon-sa

11.82 MILES

Tucked near the eastern border of Jirisan, this temple is an active nunnery where a famed female sanshin (mountain spirit) is thought to reside. A…

6. Seonam-sa

25.3 MILES

Seonam-sa is a quiet hermitage dating back to AD 529, where the monks study and try to preserve the old ways. Below Seonam-sa is Seungseongyo, one of…

7. Jinyangho Lake Park

25.75 MILES

Lakeside city park with a handful of hotels and cafes, plus an amusement park.

8. Songgwang-sa

26.92 MILES

Songgwang-sa is considered one of the three jewels of Korean Buddhism (along with Tongdo-sa and Haein-sa, in Gyeongsangnam-do). Featured in the Little…