Jinyangho Lake Park


Lakeside city park with a handful of hotels and cafes, plus an amusement park.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Gyeongsangnam-do attractions

1. Jinju National Museum

2.56 MILES

This small but worthwhile national museum inside Jinju Fortress houses a collection of artefacts dating back to the Imjin War (임진왜란; Imjin Wae-ran) – a…

2. Jinju Fortress

2.64 MILES

Local street signs call it a castle, but it’s actually a well-preserved fortress that was partially destroyed during the Japanese invasion of 1592. One of…

4. East Gate

2.91 MILES

The Jinju fortress gate close to the eel restaurants.

6. Naewon-sa

15.45 MILES

This temple is about 3km from Samjang-myeon, off route 59. Highlights include a three-tier Silla pagoda and a rare Cheonwang-bosalnim statue.

7. Daewon-sa

19.47 MILES

Tucked near the eastern border of Jirisan, this temple is an active nunnery where a famed female sanshin (mountain spirit) is thought to reside. A…

8. Buril Pokpo

21.36 MILES

It's an easy day-trip from Jinju to this small water fall in Jirisan. The hike to get there is an easy 3 hours round trip from Ssanggye-sa.