Tucked near the eastern border of Jirisan, this temple is an active nunnery where a famed female sanshin (mountain spirit) is thought to reside. A templestay programme is offered here.

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Nearby Gyeongsangnam-do attractions

1. Naewon-sa

4.96 MILES

This temple is about 3km from Samjang-myeon, off route 59. Highlights include a three-tier Silla pagoda and a rare Cheonwang-bosalnim statue.

2. Buril Pokpo

10.92 MILES

It's an easy day-trip from Jinju to this small water fall in Jirisan. The hike to get there is an easy 3 hours round trip from Ssanggye-sa.

3. Chilbul-sa

11.82 MILES

Founded in 560, this small temple, 7km from Ssanggye-sa, was burned during the Korean War and reconstructed to its original form in 1984.

4. Ssanggye-sa

11.94 MILES

The visual imagery of this temple is a feast for the eyes and, like any exquisite dinner, should be savoured with deliberation. Stone walls supporting…

5. Hwaeom-sa

17.92 MILES

Founded by priest Yeongi in AD 544 after his return from India, this ancient temple dedicated to the Birojana Buddha is enveloped by the beautiful natural…

6. Jinyangho Lake Park

19.47 MILES

Lakeside city park with a handful of hotels and cafes, plus an amusement park.

7. Jinju National Museum

20.51 MILES

This small but worthwhile national museum inside Jinju Fortress houses a collection of artefacts dating back to the Imjin War (임진왜란; Imjin Wae-ran) – a…

8. Jinju Fortress

20.59 MILES

Local street signs call it a castle, but it’s actually a well-preserved fortress that was partially destroyed during the Japanese invasion of 1592. One of…