Namnong Memorial Hall


This hall contains a collection of paintings by five generations of the Huh family, including work by Huh Gun, a master of Namjonghwa, a Korean art style associated with the Southern School of China.

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Nearby Mokpo attractions

1. Gatbawi Culture District

0.03 MILES

This area, 4km east of downtown, has a swathe of museums. Just past the museums are the riverside Gatbawi Rocks, which have been heavily eroded into…

3. Mokpo Natural History Museum

0.09 MILES

This museum is aimed at children, with large dinosaur skeletons, live lizards and fish, and thousands of colourful-but-dead butterflies.

4. Mokpo Culture & Arts Center

0.11 MILES

A grand four-floor atrium building that displays the work of local artists who work in all genres – from traditional ink to colourful modern splodges,…

5. National Maritime Museum

0.13 MILES

This is the only museum in Korea dedicated to the country’s maritime history. The highlights are two shipwrecks, one dating from the 11th century and the…

6. Mokpo Modern History Museum

2.17 MILES

This museum is housed in the Mokpo branch of the Japanese Oriental Colonization Company, a building from the 1920s. It takes a hard look at the Japanese…

8. Yudalsan Park

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Right on the coast, this park is filled with rocky cliffs and pavilions, with views across the island-scattered sea. Follow the main path for about 45…