Jeju Loveland


This erotic outdoor theme park created by art students and graduates of Seoul’s Hongik University features hundreds of sexy and frequently comic sculptures spread across a quiet green space, plus soft-core art galleries, an adult-toy store and a cafe selling genital-shaped bread. Open daily and lit up at night, this is one for when other museums are closed. The park is a short drive from Jeju-si on Rte 1139.

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1. Jeju Museum of Art

0.23 MILES

View interesting permanent and temporary exhibits of contemporary visual art at this excellent gallery next to Jeju Loveland. The beautifully designed…

2. Jeju City Hall

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Apart from some murals on the exterior of Jeju-si's City Hall, it is unremarkable and referred to mostly as a landmark. Many local buses converge at the…

3. Jeju Folklore & Natural History Museum

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Wide-ranging eco-museum with exhibits on Jeju-do’s varied geological features, including volcanic bombs, lava tubes and trace fossils. Other highlights…

4. Yongduam Rock

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‘Dragon Head Rock’ (so called because the volcanic rocks are supposed to resemble a dragon) attracts coachloads of tourists. Besides rock-watching, plane…

5. Gwandeok-jeong

4.29 MILES

Outside the main gate of Jeju Mokgwana is the 15th-century pavilion Gwandeok-jeong, Jeju’s oldest building, once used as a training place for soldiers.

6. Jeju Mokgwana


Jeju's administrative centre under the Joseon dynasty, destroyed during Japanese rule, has been reconstructed. The cluster of historical buildings have an…

7. Iho Tewoo Beach

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The nearest beach to Jeju-si is blessed with an unusual mixture of yellow and grey sand, which means you can build two-tone sandcastles. It's also…