Yongduam Rock


‘Dragon Head Rock’ (so called because the volcanic rocks are supposed to resemble a dragon) attracts coachloads of tourists. Besides rock-watching, plane-spotting is a popular activity – aeroplanes fly just a few hundred metres overhead on their final approach to the island.

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Nearby Jeju-si attractions

1. Tapdong Promenade & Waterbreak

0.58 MILES

Jeju-si itself doesn’t have a beach, but along the Tapdong seafront runs this pleasant promenade. At the eastern end, walk along the mosaic-decorated sea…

2. Jeju Mokgwana

0.59 MILES

Jeju's administrative centre under the Joseon dynasty, destroyed during Japanese rule, has been reconstructed. The cluster of historical buildings have an…

3. Gwandeok-jeong

0.59 MILES

Outside the main gate of Jeju Mokgwana is the 15th-century pavilion Gwandeok-jeong, Jeju’s oldest building, once used as a training place for soldiers.

4. Arario Museum

0.67 MILES

One of the island's most interesting art projects, Arario has four galleries in renovated buildings in and around the Tapdong area hosting permanent and…

7. Jeju Folklore & Natural History Museum

1.25 MILES

Wide-ranging eco-museum with exhibits on Jeju-do’s varied geological features, including volcanic bombs, lava tubes and trace fossils. Other highlights…

8. Jeju City Hall

1.56 MILES

Apart from some murals on the exterior of Jeju-si's City Hall, it is unremarkable and referred to mostly as a landmark. Many local buses converge at the…