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Jagalchi Fish Market

Top choice in Busan

Anyone with a love of seafood and a tolerance for powerful odours could easily spend an hour exploring the country’s largest fish market. Narrow lanes outside the main building teem with decades-old stalls and rickety food carts run by grannies who sell an incredible variety of seafood, including red snapper, flounder and creepy-crawly creatures with undulating tentacles.

Inside the main building, dozens of 1st-floor vendors sell just about every edible sea animal, including crabs and eels, two Busan favourites. After buying a fish, the fishmonger will point you to a 2nd-floor seating area where your meal will be served (service charge per person ₩4000). Halfway up the stairs, the din of dinner chatter and the unmistakable thud-thud-thud of butcher knives whacking wooden chopping blocks becomes palpable. This is where raw-fish aficionados indulge themselves with meals from the fish tank, via the chopping block.

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