Geumgang Park Cable Car


Add this cable car to your list of must-do activities. The panoramic view of development coursing through valleys of verdant mountains is breathtaking. On a clear day the Gwangan bridge is visible. Atop Geumjeong-san, you're well positioned for a short stroll to Geumjeong Fortress, a four-hour hike to Beomeo-sa, or a two-hour adventure to Seokbul-sa.

At the top, near the cable-car platform, there are plenty of tables serving food and drink, all run by women who pursue customers with zeal. Grilled goat meat is a speciality. Near a cliff, look for the boulder providing sweeping city views. It's a popular place for pictures and picnics.

The cable car is a 15-minute walk from Oncheonjang station. From Exit 1, walk left to the intersection. Cross the street and turn right at the first corner. Follow the road sign pointing to Geumgang Park. The cable car is 150m from the park entrance; look for the 'Ropeway' sign.

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