Top choice buddhist temple in Busan

This magnificent temple is Busan’s best sight. Despite its city location, Beomeo-sa is a world away from the urban jungle, with beautiful architecture set against an extraordinary mountain backdrop. Beomeo-sa can be a busy place on weekends and holidays, as the path leading to the temple is the northern starting point for trails across Geumjeong-san. Before heading back to the city, visit the pajeon (파전; green onion pancake) restaurants near the bus stop.

At street level from Beomeo-sa station, spin 180 degrees, turn left at the corner and walk 200m to the terminus. Catch bus 90 (₩1200, 20 minutes, every 15 minutes) or take a taxi (₩5000) to the temple entrance. To fully appreciate the beauty of this temple, sign up for the templestay program. The pre-dawn chanting is hauntingly beautiful. Signing up for a templestay is usually completed online. Reservations are required, often two weeks in advance. Payment is by bank transfer.