Buddhist Temple in Gyeongju

Finally, a temple where you can do more than just look around. The Buddha carved out of solid rock by Indian monks in the 6th century is fairly interesting but the real draw here is sunmudo, a Korean martial art that blends fighting skills with meditation. Short 20-minute demonstrations take place at 3pm Sundays at Sunmudo University on the temple grounds, and sunmudo training is available through the Templestay program. Most of the program is taught in English; reservations recommended.

From Gyeongju intercity bus terminal, take a bus towards Gampo-ri or Yangbuk-myeon (bus 100 or 150) and ask the driver to drop you at Andongsamgeo-ri, where the turnoff to the temple is off to the left. Golgul-sa is a 20-minute walk down the road.