You’ll need a full day to explore the offerings in and around this temple about 30km north of Pohang. Bogyeong-sa is a gateway to a beautiful valley boasting 12 waterfalls, gorges spanned by bridges, hermitages, stupas and the temple itself. There are splendid hikes including up Naeyeon-san (930m), from where the waterfalls gush down. The 20km return trip to the summit – Hyangno-bong – from Bogyeong-sa takes about six hours (take lots of water).

The well-maintained trail to the gorge and waterfalls branches off from the tourist village. It’s about 1.5km to the first waterfall, 5m-high Ssangsaeng Pokpo. The sixth waterfall, Gwaneum Pokpo, is an impressive 72m and has two columns of water with a cave behind it. The seventh waterfall, about 30m high, is called Yeonsan Pokpo. Further up the trail, the going gets difficult; the ascent of Hyangno-bong should only be attempted if the day is young.

The temple is 15 minutes’ walk from where the buses from Pohang terminate, and there’s a tourist village with souvenir shops, restaurants, minbak and yeogwan.

Bus 500 (₩1600, 45 minutes, every 30 to 90 minutes) runs between Pohang’s intercity bus terminal and the temple, though some buses require a transfer at Cheongha. The easiest route is to catch one of three or four buses that travel directly to the temple; check with the tourist office to find out the latest timings. Otherwise, take bus 500 to Cheongha, get off at the tiny terminal and wait for a connecting bus (₩1300, 15 minutes, every 10 to 90 minutes). A taxi from Cheongha to the temple costs ₩15,000.

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Nearby Gyeongsangbuk-do attractions

1. Hurimaegi

13.32 MILES

A valley of trees that paints the perfect picture, with a wooden bridge strung out across a creek.

2. Juwanggul Cave

13.45 MILES

This modest cave in can be visited on a stop by on a side-trip after climbing up the slopes of Juwang-san.

3. Juwang-am

13.57 MILES

This small and pleasant Buddhist hermitage is worth stopping by.

4. Mujanggul Cave

13.59 MILES

Another rather modest cave where legend says King Ju (Juwang) once hid a stash of weapons.

5. Naewonmaeul

13.74 MILES

A tiny village where craftspeople perform woodworking.

6. Picnic Ground

13.84 MILES

A large clearing to rest and picnic amongst the surrounding trees.

7. Juwangsan National Park

13.87 MILES

Beautifully situated among the Baekdu mountains, this 106-sq-km national park is most notable for its sublime limestone pinnacles, verdant valleys,…