Juwanggul Cave


This modest cave in can be visited on a stop by on a side-trip after climbing up the slopes of Juwang-san.

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Nearby Gyeongsangbuk-do attractions

1. Juwang-am

0.14 MILES

This small and pleasant Buddhist hermitage is worth stopping by.

2. Mujanggul Cave


Another rather modest cave where legend says King Ju (Juwang) once hid a stash of weapons.

3. Picnic Ground

0.39 MILES

A large clearing to rest and picnic amongst the surrounding trees.

4. Juwangsan National Park

0.42 MILES

Beautifully situated among the Baekdu mountains, this 106-sq-km national park is most notable for its sublime limestone pinnacles, verdant valleys,…

6. Daejeon-sa

0.78 MILES

This small, noble temple, first built in 672 AD and rebuilt 1000 years later, greets visitors just inside the entrance to the national park, making it…

7. Gwangam-sa

0.94 MILES

This is a small and attractive Buddhist temple.

8. Hurimaegi

0.99 MILES

A valley of trees that paints the perfect picture, with a wooden bridge strung out across a creek.