Andong Folk Village

Village in Andong

On a hillside east of town and on the far side of Weolyeonggyo Bridge, Andong Folk Village is a repository for traditional homes moved to prevent them from being submerged by the construction of Andong Dam in 1976. Relocated and partially reconstructed traditional-style buildings range from peasant thatched farmhouses to elaborate mansions of government officials with multiple courtyards. The village looks so authentic that the TV network KBS has used it as a set for historical dramas on multiple occasions.

The village is about 4km east of Andong, close to the dam wall on the opposite side of the river from the main road. Take buses 3, 3-1 or 3-2 (₩1200) from next to the tourist office and hop off at minsokchon (folk village). A taxi costs about ₩6000. Otherwise it is around a 40-minute walk, during which you can stop by the Seven-Storey Brick Pagoda, cross the Weolyeonggyo Bridge and return by the wooden walkway on the far side of the Nakdong River.