Top choice tomb in Gyeongju

The huge, walled park has 23 tombs of Silla monarchs and family members. From the outside, they resemble substantial grassy hillocks that echo the mountains outside town. Many of the tumuli have yielded fabulous treasures, on display at the Gyeongju National Museum. One tomb, Cheonmachong, is open to visitors, but was shut for restoration at the time of writing. Thirteen metres high and 47m in diameter, the tomb was built around the end of the 5th century.

Facsimiles of the golden crown, bracelets, jade ornaments, weapons and pottery found here are displayed in glass cases around the inside of the tomb.

The park is a truly sublime and romantic place to wander, especially at dawn or at sunset. Never climb any of the burial mounds – the penalties are very severe and could put you in prison for up to two years. On colder days, the park closes at sunset.